Posted by: J Lyn | January 4, 2012

Please allow me to introduce myself

I’ve sat here staring at this screen for almost ten minutes trying to figure out where to begin.  Hardly anyone will probably read this anyway, so this is more for me than anyone at this point.  The question is, how do I begin without seeming self-serving and pretentious?  I suppose there is just no other way around it, is there?  A person has to have at least some degree of narcissism to even attempt a blog, I think, so there it is: I am a pompous narcissist.

Is there more to me than that?  I’d like to think so.

So who am I?  Let’s begin at the beginning.

I’m CeCe, and as of now, I’m 31.  I was born to a couple whose love story spanned over three decades, and who had the kind of devotion to one another of which almost anyone would be envious.  My mother was a church pianist (she passed away June of ’09), and my dad was a troublemaker who was tamed by his love for my mother (he passed away September of ’91).  I am the youngest of four, with a huge family.  I was born in beautiful Washington State, but over the course of my life, I have also lived in South Carolina, California, Oklahoma, and Germany.  I’ve been married now for a little over eight years, and my husband and I have no kids.  However, as of right now, we live with my mother-in-law, her three cats, her two dogs, and our own two cats.  I suppose it goes without saying that it’s a bit of a zoo here at times.

I am also a somewhat unorthodox Christian, in that you’ll find me more critical of Christians than I am of anyone on the outside of Christianity, and some of my interpretations of Scripture are unusual.  I’m sure that will become more apparent as we go along.  I’m also sure that I’ll share how I came to Christianity eventually.

I’m a great lover of history and of discussing and debating theology and philosophy.  I am also a seeker of knowledge, a perpetual student, and a bit of a dreamer.  On the other hand, I’m also often tempestuous, brash, and more than a little strange.  I can be macabre, and I can seem callous and dry.  However, I’m also a great fan of animated shows like The Simpsons and Family Guy, and I listen to a lot of death/gothic/doom metal.  Figure that one out.

I hope that I can write the kind of blogs that people will like to read.  I hope I interest at least one person in what I have to say.  But we’ll see, won’t we?


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