Posted by: CeCe | February 22, 2012

Walking on water

This is going to be a slightly religious-themed post, but I think that those who are not Christians may find something in it with which they can identify.

A few days ago, I spoke to a beloved cousin who lost her father a few years ago, and then lost her husband of over forty years two days after.  She told me that even in the midst of such devastating losses, she believed that the Lord had given her peace.  What she said got me thinking about grief and finding peace in it, and trying to deal with all the many emotions which accompany losing a loved one.  For some reason, after that conversation I started thinking about the passage in the Bible where Jesus walks on water out to meet the disciples, and Peter decides that he too wants to walk on the surface of the lake.  Of course he winds up losing his courage after taking a couple steps, falters, and begins to sink, and Jesus has to come to him, take his hand, and pull him back up.

I think everyone has moments like that.  They think that they can face whatever adversity comes their way without the benefit of someone else helping them, but then discover that, like walking on water, it’s impossible.  I’ve had those kinds of moments in jobs, in relationships, and in life experiences, including but not limited to deep sorrow.  I thought I could handle it alone, and maybe even took a few steps, but then discovered that it’s just not possible, not without someone reaching out their hand to uphold me.  This is not just exclusive to religious people, either.  Everyone needs something to help them do the impossible, whether that something is family, friends, God, music, or simply an escape.  If we can’t find a hand to pull us back up out of the water, we will drown.

That, to me, is the meaning of hope:  It is a hand extended to us in moments of our most dire need.




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