Posted by: CeCe | February 27, 2012

Class warfare? More like class slaughter

I just finished reading this article about the banker who left a 1% tip and an insult on a $133 lunch and it got me thinking about the Occupy movement and class warfare, and what’s really going on in our country.  When I read the article, I was positively livid at the nerve of this “man”, and in fact, I’m still pretty livid.  I wrote previously about the Occupy movement and how it’s failing due to a lack of ability to properly protest while still being law-abiding citizens here, so I’m not going to address the Occupy movement directly.

So first, a little message to the 1% (with the exclusion of people like Bill Gates, who are wonderful and who actually treat their employees like human beings, and donate to charity):

You are leeches.  In fact, you’re little better than parasites.  You feed on the blood, sweat and tears of hard-working people to buy your new yacht and your four million dollar vacation home.  While those who make you your money are breaking their backs to support their families, you have no compunction about paying them little over minimum wage and playing golf all day.  You are not entitled, you are greedy.  You won’t allow them to have sufficient medical care.  You don’t pay your fair share in taxes.  If you make more than 2 million a year, it is not fair for you to only pay 15% in income tax.  If you make more than 2 million a year, it wouldn’t hurt you to take a percentage of that and distribute it amongst those who made it possible for you to make that much.  Five or ten percent wouldn’t hurt you.  You don’t need a third vacation home.  You don’t need a second yacht.  You are despicable, and I hesitate to even call you human beings, because you behave like anything but.

Now, for the 99%, in case you think you’re getting off easy, you’re not.  A little message to you:

Stop being complacent and apathetic.  It is not fair for you to break your back to go to college and get a better job only to wind up annually make less than a quarter of what it cost you to obtain your degree.  It is not fair that you do not have sufficient medical coverage, especially when your boss can afford to go to the top surgeons in the world and pay cash for their services.  It is not fair for you to bear the brunt of taxes.  It is not fair that while you struggle to put food on the table even when you scrimp and save, your bosses (who are more like your overlords when it comes down to it) can actually afford to go on vacation for three months a year.  And even if you do not work for a corporation that has CEOs like those described above, if you are not speaking out against them, you are allowing them to get away with class slaughter.  You are allowing them to suck your blood, and feed on your sweat and tears.  You are a willing victim!

How long are we going to let this go on?

Look, I’m not advocating taking everything from the rich and giving it to the poor.  I’m also not saying that all CEOs are evil and that corporations are evil.  All that I’m saying is that if they’re not paying their fair share in taxes, and they view everyone who makes less than they do as being worthy of nothing but their contempt, and they don’t treat their own employees with dignity and respect, well, that’s a symptom of how broken our system is.  And all of this does happen, with alarming frequency, and we allow it!

So what’s the answer?  I don’t know.  Maybe we need to speak out more.  Maybe we should stop putting power in the hands of politicians who are bought by corporations, and start putting the power back in the hands of the people, where it belongs.  Maybe we should vote for the little guy.  Maybe it’s time for a (nonviolent) revolution.  But come on guys, you can’t look at the state of our country and of the fight for the middle-class just to exist to know that something is seriously wrong, and we also need to stop expecting everyone else to fix it.  We all have the power to rectify this situation… but it’s going to take all of us.

There are wolves in our society.  We need to stop being lambs.



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