Posted by: CeCe | March 16, 2012

I need to stop watching the news…

Recently I’ve found myself watching and reading the news and feeling like I’m witnessing a horrible train wreck.  One article says the world is running out of food.  Another says we’re running low on fresh water, and don’t forget how quickly the icebergs and glaciers are shrinking and how many new species are becoming endangered.  Yet another is talking about wars here, nuclear weapons here, genocide here, atrocities here.  There are murderers on rampages, shocking tragedies, just one on top of the other on top of the other on top of the other.  It’s hard not to feel like the entire world is being drowned in darkness of the worst kind!

Because of it, I’ve felt myself wanting to withdraw from the world entirely.  Why would I want to be part of something that’s becoming so terrible?  I’m sure I’m not the only one.

I think it’s times like these that it’s important to remind myself that people who are so afflicted and tried by the darkness are the last people who should withdraw from the world.  It’s easy to complain about how uncivilized civilization is and is becoming, but if we aren’t holding up beacons of light, of love, of hope, then we are adding to the darkness.

I have to force myself to hold up my own beacon, dim and flickering as it is, in faith that others will join in, and push the darkness back to the farthest corners of the earth where it can do no harm.  And it’s when I hold up my own end that I see just how many beacons of hope there are out there.  There are many selfless, compassionate, truly kind people in the world.  Yes, we may be running out of food, but we’re still working on finding ways to feed all of those who are starving.  We’re running out of fresh water, but we’re finding ways to conserve, and still bring water to those who need it.  Yes, there is war and there are rumors and rumblings of war, and earthquakes and tornadoes and famine and hurricanes and tsunamis, and genocide and breathtaking atrocities… but there is also peace, and people who are ambassadors of peace.  There are people who leave behind everything they know and love to bring aid to those who have had their lives destroyed by natural disasters.   There is love, compassion, honor, faith, and hope.

But in order to see it, I think we have to face the darkness.  We can’t turn from it.  We can’t ignore it.  We have to acknowledge it, and then we have to push it back with every fiber of our being.  It’s in times of darkness that light shines more brightly, after all.



  1. What a wonderful post! I’ve absolutely been feeling the same things lately from a combination of the news and a conservation biology class I’m taking, but you’re absolutely right; we can’t run from the issues and must continue to fight the good fight with optimism and hope!

    • Thank you very much! 🙂

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