Posted by: CeCe | March 29, 2012

God hates [fill in the blank]

Often, Christians are asked what we think of certain groups (I will not mention them by name, I refuse) who use Christianity as a pulpit to speak against various things, and who attempt to speak on behalf of God.  I’m sure you know the groups I’m talking about:  The groups who insist that God hates this or that person, that God rejoices in the death of this or that person, that God can’t wait to send this or that person to hell.  What really bothers me is not that these groups tarnish the name of Christ when they spread their hate.  What bothers me is that many people have come to believe that these people are the official spokespersons for Christianity, and in fact, are the very face of Christianity.

Let me repeat that.  Let it sink in:  People have come to believe that these people are the official spokespersons for Christianity, and in fact, are the very face of Christianity.  If you are a Christian and you are reading this, how do you feel about that?  I’ll be honest, it makes me feel unbearably sad and disappointed in myself, and in fact in all of us.  It saddens me, and it sickens me.

Now there are some who may respond to my objections that Jesus was very outspoken about sin, and I’ll agree, He was.  He talked about how our thoughts are just as important as our deeds, and how we should strive to be as perfect and as righteous as God is.  But He also taught that we’re supposed to be humble, and we’re not supposed to judge others according to standards by which we would prefer not to be judged.  And here’s something I’ve been thinking about, along that line.  Is it possible that Jesus said not to judge people by unfair or unrealistic standards because we tend to judge those who judge us, and what’s more, we cause others to judge us?

I’ve written before about how important it is that Christians not remain silent in the face of injustice.  I would add that we also need to raise our voices against hate.  Even though God does call people to righteousness, and even though there are behaviors that God hates, He does not hate people.  To back that up, there is one passage in the Bible that actually uses the phrase “God hates”.  I’d like to share it here.  This is Proverbs 6:16-19:
There are six things the LORD hates,
seven that are detestable to him:
haughty eyes,
a lying tongue,
hands that shed innocent blood,
a heart that devises wicked schemes,
feet that are quick to rush into evil,
a false witness who pours out lies
and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.

Please note, inhabitants of specific countries, sexuality, race, religion, and gender do not come into play here.  Those are the seven things that God hates.  Now my question is this:  Are there people who profess to be Christians who are the embodiment of those traits?

It certainly is something to consider, I think.


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