Posted by: CeCe | May 3, 2012

Pastor Sean Harris, Who Advocated Parents Beat Gay-Acting Children, Defends Sermon, Compares Himself To Jesus

And here’s the thing that he fails to understand. Those so-called “gender distinctions” that he thinks are “God-given” are in fact dictated by society. Behaviors that we classify as masculine or feminine have not always been classified as masculine and feminine. Therefore, how can he possibly say that the behavior he describes is effeminate, when society defines what is masculine and what is feminine?

And what *we* as a society fail to understand is that just because a boy acts “effeminate” by our standards does not make him gay, nor does a girl acting “masculine” by our standards make her a lesbian. We need to stop trying to box children into a sexual preference before they even know what sex is. Let them figure things out for themselves. Our job is to love them, guide them, and keep them from harm, not to try to limit them with arbitrary definitions that could change within the next century.

Oh, and I’m a Christian, for the record.
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