Posted by: CeCe | July 31, 2012

This I believe

Just a warning, this is going to be a somewhat religious post, so I won’t be offended if my atheist friends choose to quit reading partway through.  But I hope that you’ll all indulge me and hear me out to the end, and I promise that in return, I won’t bash you over the head with my Bible.  Or at least, not very much.

This is partly inspired by a friend from Facebook who stated on a thread on the page I help admin that he had always felt that Christianity had taught that nothing he ever did was good enough for God.  Ever since then, I’ve been mulling this over, and I realize that there are a lot of people who feel the same way.  They see Christianity as teaching that all people are these horrible, worthless, wicked beings who deserve to be sadistically tortured in hell for eternity, and that God is just waiting for them to slip up so He can gleefully tell them that they were never His and to depart and go suffer in hell forever.

This makes me so sad.

Now I’m not going to go into my theological beliefs on the nature of hell and who winds up there because first of all I don’t think anyone really wants to know.  And second, I’m afraid I may be wrong and I may lead someone astray based on what I mistake as being the truth.  But I do want to clear up something about my personal faith and how I see Christianity and what I personally believe.

I believe when the Bible quotes Jesus as saying that He came to save the unrighteous and not the righteous, that He meant it. To me, this means that God wants everyone.  I believe He wants the gay and the straight, the honest and the treacherous, the virginal and the promiscuous, the filthy and the clean, the innocent and the corrupt, the vulgar and sacred, our doubts and certainty, our questions and answers, our flaws and perfections, our love and our hatred, our cruelty and our compassion, our victories and our defeats, and our happiness and our misery.  God wants us exactly as we are.   If He wants us to change, He will help us to change.  It’s a matter of spirit and mind over body, the perfection of the Holy Spirit over the carnality of the spirit of man.

Not good enough?  No, that’s not my faith.  My faith teaches that Jesus came to save everyone, regardless of who or what we are.  This is what I believe, and this is the Christ whom I do my best to follow.  So if any of you out there don’t feel like you’re good enough, you’re so wrong.  Whoever you are, whatever you are, you’re plenty good enough.

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