Posted by: CeCe | April 30, 2013

Embracing the elitist

So the other day, I received a comment on my latest post about the best music rising like cream to the top, in which the person basically called me an elitist.  At first, I bristled at it, because there are so many negative connotations attached to the word.  The first thing I thought was, Wow, this person basically just called me a snob!  And to tell the truth, I was a little offended, because I try really hard not to be a snob.

However, the more I think about it, the more I realize that it’s true:  When it comes to some subjects, particularly in the entertainment world, I am a snob.  I turn up my nose to what the entertainment industry wants me to listen to, watch, and read, and instead choose what personally resonates with me, and what I personally feel is good.  I’ve never paid much attention to what happens to chart in the Billboard, instead finding music that appeals to me, both lyrically and instrumentally.  Does this mean that I hate all “pop” on principle?  No. I’m not ashamed to admit that I like Pink and Rihanna, I thought Lady Gaga’s rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine” was very good, and there’s even a Britney Spears song that I don’t hate (“Everytime”, it’s a lovely song). What it does mean is that I’m choosy, and I don’t see anything wrong with that.  Shouldn’t everyone choose to read, watch, and listen to what resonates with them?

There is nothing in the world wrong with being an “elitist” when it comes to anything at all, so long as the basis is not driven by bigotry.

So yes, I do only listen to music that appeals to me, and no, I don’t really understand how anyone can choose to only listen to what’s “popular”, because they’re missing out on a lot of good stuff.  Yes, I do only read books that appeal to me, and yes, I do think that people who rely on someone else to tell them what’s good are being deprived.  Yes, I only watch movies that fit within the parameters of what I personally feel is “good”, and yes, I am puzzled at people who only watch the movies that are overly promoted by Hollywood.  Yes, I watch the TV shows that I personally like, and I don’t understand the people that only watch a certain kind of show (such as what is popular).

So does that make me an elitist?  Fine.  I’ll be an elitist.  I’ll embrace that side of me.  I will freely admit that listening to Nicki Minaj makes my ears bleed (and not in the satisfying way that brutal metal does!), that I’d rather shove nails into my eyes than watch Honey Boo-Boo (or pretty much any “reality” TV besides Hell’s Kitchen and HGTV), and that I think Nora Roberts is one of the worst writers ever (but I did like the Twilight saga.  Don’t shoot me.).  The truth is, however, we all have to be an elitist about something, whether it’s buying a house, choosing a job, choosing employees, choosing a medical practitioner (you don’t just pick a random Joe off the street, do you?), choosing a partner or friends, etc.  We have to be choosy, because it’s a way of exerting control over our life.  And all of us should be in control of our own life, after all.

About what things are you an “elitist”?  Please feel free to tell me about it in a comment!





  1. It is interesting to think of the things one might be an elitist about. I think if were all be honest there is something everyone is an elitist about. I think for me I am an elisit when it comes to how much money I will spend on something. I will not just buy something because everyone else is. I really think about if the item is going to be valuable to me in the future. I think I am also an elitist when it comes to music. I have never been the person that is listening to music simply because it is the “in” music, and I think in some ways this has set me apart from others especially in my younger years, because what you listen to country music, that’s wierd The people that really took the time to get to know me realized that I listen to all music that is good, and would be willing to take the time to listen to it and try it out regardless of what kind it was, but I would be honest in my feedback if it was indeed good music. I think if everyone thought really hard everyone of us would think of something or more than one thing that they are an elitist about. Way to get the mind working in the morning Cece, thank you.

    • Thank you Becca! ❤

  2. Brava CeCe!

    By the way you’ve been awarded:

    • Thank you Eddie! 🙂

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