Posted by: CeCe | August 3, 2013

Christianity is a verb

Warning to my atheist friends: This is a religious themed post.  Please proceed with this in mind, if you choose to proceed.

I’ve been thinking lately about my identification as a Christian and all that it entails.  I’ve said many times that I don’t feel as though I’m living up to the name, but I use the excuse that there are so many things I’m just unable to do at this point in my life.  But that’s all it really is, an excuse.

I think about Jesus, about how He went out into the world, with no money to feed the poor, no extra food to give, yet brought hope to all who knew Him.  I think about how dusty His feet must have been, how tired He must have gotten, how at night there must have been many times where He used His own hands as a pillow and the star-studded night sky for a blanket.

Then I think about Jesus’ life, as recorded by those who wrote the gospels.  I think about how Jesus didn’t just have the title of “Christ”; He lived as one who had been anointed.  He went out and healed those who were hurting; He loved those who were hated; He blessed those whom society had cursed and considered to be worthless.  He drew in those whom society would much rather have forgotten.  He put Himself out there; made Himself visible.  And according to the Bible, many people flocked to Him as a result of this.  He didn’t just teach in the Temple, no.  He taught at the foot of a mountain, in gardens, near lakes, and in the countryside, to anyone who would listen.

To me, this is both inspiring and humbling.  I feel as though I’ve been given so much more than He ever was, in many ways.  I live in a time where many things that would have killed me then, no longer even exist.  I live in a time where we have modern conveniences, like this computer that I’m at this moment typing on, and the electricity that powers it.  I’m sitting in a comfortable house, with a fan keeping me cool, a blanket on my feet, listening to a Vivaldi concerto, with one of my beautiful cats laying contentedly beside me.  If I need to travel long distances, I don’t have to walk.  I know with almost total certainty that most food I consume is safe, and it won’t make me sick or kill me.  I know that the water I drink is clean, and at any time, I can go and wash my hair with amazing scented shampoo, and soap that also smells wonderful.  I have much more than one cloak, and one dusty pair of sandals.

And yet… I feel as though I’m not doing enough.  Okay, I have no money to give.  I have no extra food.  I’m not the Son of God and I can’t heal people with the touch of my hand, or with a word.  But I know somehow that I’m capable of doing more than I am.  Am I reaching out in compassion and love to everyone?  Do I treat everyone with kindness?  Do I pray for the peace and well-being of every person alive, and do I attempt to give both to as many as I can?

I believe that for a long time, I’ve treated “Christian” as an adjective, as though it’s something that I “am”, like I’m female, Caucasian, 32 years old, and a slightly left-leaning feminist.  But the term “Christian” is so much more than that, or at least it should be.  We are supposed to be Christ to the world.  Am I?  Are you?

I think that too many times we insulate ourselves from the rest of the world.  We closet ourselves within our hymns, our prayers, our Bible studies, and our churches.  Our faith then becomes merely another description of what we “are”, rather than an expression of how we live, and how we interact with the world.  We need to stop treating “Christian” like an adjective.  need to stop treating “Christian” as an adjective.  It’s a verb, and we all need to start living it.  I need to stop merely believing it, and start living and breathing Christian.  How about you?


  1. Very well written CeCe!

    Speaking as a priest it is one of the things we try to teach, be like Christ, emulate Him and bare His Light before all mankind. Sacrificial love is one of the best ways to do this. Yet another verb. 😉

    Look in my blog and click on the ministry link and then Sermons, find what is True Love In Christ, there is a video version and a written. You may find some insight there!

    We are a Royal Priesthood, not just the clergy but all who confess and live Christ. This is our Identity.

    Wonderful words my friend.

    • Thank you very much! I’ll definitely check that out. 🙂

      • You are most welcome! I hope you enjoy them and gain some insight.


  2. Thank you, CeCe! After pastoring 2 churches over the cource of 20 years, I have decided to take my “Christianity” in an entirely different direction. It is no longer about the rules…it is ONLY about a relationship with Christ. I have tired of a cookie-cutter system that creates clones at the expense of true disciples. It is time for a “New Kind of Christianity” that is more like what Christ taught and less institutional than what we have become. Being in a church makes you no more of a Christian than standing in a garage makes you a car.

    People who think are usually a threat to those who would teach how and what to think.


    • Wonderful comment, Bill! Thank you very much. 🙂

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