Development of a voice

I have always had a great passion for writing, or at least ever since I discovered that words could be manipulated to evoke emotion.  I wrote my first short story in first grade, about a brother and sister who had a rabbit who died just after giving birth.   After receiving high praise for it from my teacher, I was encouraged, and continued writing.

Over the course of the following next few years, I penned numerous short stories.  In fifth grade, I was introduced to poetry, and wrote my first poem, about my childhood and the lessons my father taught me before he died, and how I was looking towards the future.  I remember that the guest poet  (whose name I cannot remember) who came to our class to teach us about poetry was in tears after he read what I had written.

From that time until I was about twenty-four or so, I wrote nearly 400 poems (I only like about five of them).

When I was 24, my husband and I were stationed in Germany.  One would think that it would inspire me to continue to write, especially since I had nothing but time while we were there, but it had the opposite effect.  I wrote maybe five or six poems, and worked a bit on a novel (which I still have not finished to this day), mostly due to isolation, particularly the last nearly three years we were there.  Granted, the little bit I wrote while we were there was some of the best work I’ve ever done, in my humble opinion, but it certainly wasn’t doing anything for my aspirations of becoming a published writer.

I didn’t stop writing though.  I began participating in Yahoo Answers for a time, but eventually grew weary of it and moved on.  More recently, I’ve been participating in debates on Facebook, and help admin a page (Atheists vs. Religion, the link is on my blog).  I am also currently in school, working on obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in history, which I hope to use to teach history.

Over the past few months, I realized that I badly needed to start writing again.  Writing, for me, has always been a form of therapy.  I have always felt a sort of release with every word.  I’m hoping that this blog continues to be cathartic for me.  I hope that people enjoy reading what I have to say, and find humor, kindness and passion in my words.

I know I’m not sharing very much about my background here, but I’m pretty sure that I will reveal more of that as we go along.  So, I hope you’re willing to go on this journey with me, and you enjoy reading my musings as much as I enjoy writing them.


  1. It’s award time CeCe:

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  4. My Dear CeCe,

    Of all the awards please accept this very special award:

    Padre Eddie 🙂

  5. CeCe your blog is amazing and inspiring and I’m thinking the only reason you aren’t published is that you don’t have an agent and haven’t submitted enough of your work for consideration. You’re way better than anyone the TNT has on their payroll IMO.

    • Thank you so much, LaDonna! ❤

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